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Hilton Head Island Safe Harbour, Inc.


  Two types of membership are available in Hilton Head Island Safe Harbour:

   Active Membership that enables you to access our services now

   with payment of reasonable annual membership dues


   Supporting Membership that makes it possible for you to support   

   our organization now with monetary donations and receive a

   discount on membership dues later if you decide to become an

   Active Member.

Annual Membership dues for Active Members are $600 for an individual membership or $1000 for a dual (two-person household) membership.  In the event of financial hardship, some assistance with payment may be available. 

Supporting Members are individuals who contribute at least $100 annually, or two-person households that contribute at least $200 annually, to support the work of Safe Harbour.  In the event that Supporting Members later become Active Members, they will receive a 20 percent discount on their annual membership dues for as many years as they have previously been Supporting Members.

To become a Supporting Member, look for the Donations section of this website and make a donation, in the required amount or more, using one of the methods outlined there.

For more information about either type of membership, please call 843-671-SAFE (7233) or email hhisafeharbour@gmail.com